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Eine Welt Camp

What is the “Eine Welt Camp”?

The „Eine Welt Camp“ (EWC) is a five-day long camp with approximately 150 participants of which many have volunteered abroad for a year as well as young adults aged between 17 and 35 years, that are interested in global development issues and topics of the global catholic church.

Ever since 1986 the camp has taken place every two to three years at the Jakobsberg of the Missionary Benedictines in Ockenheim.

Goal of the EWC

The goal is to enable meaningful encounters and to experience a variety of different cultures and forms of spirituality. This is made possible through theoretical and practical workshops, prayer, camping and bonfires and a critical approach to global development topics.

Eine Welt Camp 2019

This year the five-day long camp will focus on the topic House: “in der Welt zu Haus”. (“The world is your home”)

How do you live? What is home for you? How do you design your home? With questions like these we want to deal with this year’s Eine Welt Camp. A world and yet/still so different. About 7.6 million people live on Earth with different cultures and also different houses: round houses, houseboats, tree houses, skyscrapers, tepees, igloos etc. Some even live without a house.  How can we live together in community and harmony? How can we live sustainably in harmony with the environment?

We invite you to feel at home with us for a weekend on the Jakobsberg.


29th May – 02nd June 2019


Kloster Jakobsberg (near Bingen am Rhein, Germany) – Kloster Jakobsberg 1, 55437 Ockenheim

Participation Fee:

120€ (75 € for students, trainees and with low salary)

Target group:

young adults who have volunteered abroad or are interested in global development issues and topics of the global Catholic Church. Families are also welcome and child care during workshops is provided.

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